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Objective #1

To analyze and solve special problems or assignments relevant to being an educational leader of a school.

I will complete special projects, approved by and under the direction of, my on-site supervisor.  At least one of these projects will require me to analyze how data are used in my school to drive decision making and explain the connection between those decisions and instruction improvements that are bring used to raise student achievement.  The remaining projects will require me to meet with my on-site supervisor to discuss the project/problem after which I will develop and implement an approved plan.  A log will be kept in the internship portfolio detailing these projects and will contain artifacts to demonstrate the planning of each solution and the execution of the plan.  This objective will demonstrate my ability to help identify solutions to problems, confront and resolve these problems, and to use effective group processes and consensus building skills.

ELCC Standards #1.3, #2.2, #3.1
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