About Us

We Make Great Pizza....Fast!

    Our story of Alley’s Pizza began long before our doors even opened to the public. It started with a  vision and a dream to have our own family restaurant. Both of us have a huge love for pizza and enjoy cooking and time among friends. And so our story of Alley’s Pizza unfolds………

    Alley’s is very much a family owned pizzeria. Bob and I are wholly involved in the business and our customers will often find not only us but our two boys behind the counter or at your door delivering pizzas.  Chris and Steven have both have been a big part of making our business what it is today.We are thrilled and delighted to have them working alongside us each day.

    Since opening in Nevada in 2003, a long time friend Rob Rioux and his family joined us in opening our
second restaurant in Story City on July of 2004. Rob and Diane live in Gilbert and have four children,
Quinn, Kelsey, Abby, and Lizzy.

In addition to us and our children, we have a staff comprised of 40 people. They are not just our staff
members as we consider them to be an integral part of our business and they are all considered part of
our family. 

No matter what location you choose, we at Alley’s take great pride in our restaurants. We strive to use
the very best ingredients to make you the very best dishes. So whether or not you carry-out or have yours
delivered, you will always find a welcoming and knowledgeable staff that will truly make you feel like you
are at home at Alley’s. 

                    We look forward to serving you for the years to come ~
                                                                Bob, Bonnie & family